Kenton Jacobs (Jake), owner of Jake's Boss BBQ relocated to the Boston  in 1987 after spending 18 years in Houston. During his years in Houston he studied the art of BBQ meat smoking. Jake mastered the technique of smoking various meats (especially wild game) while creating his own unique tasty meat rubs.

After years of "queing", Jake defines himself as a "smoke master" rather than "pitmaster. He knows a "smoke master" must have proven experience cooking a variety of foods with wood smoke.  Jake is a master at selecting the right wood that will impart the full flavor and color of any type of meat. He knows that different woods can add a smooth or harsh taste to meats as well.  Jake the “smoke master” perfected the art and science of smoking meats with a variety of woods such as green, apple, mesquite and dried seasoned wood when smoking specific meats.

With years of BBQ meat smoking, Jakes mastery of these techniques are responsible for the many awards Jake's Boss BBQ & Jake's Que-4-U has received over the years.  We guarantee you'll never forget Jake's unique tasting BBQ meals.  You'll come back for more.


On the go Meat Smoking!


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