COBBLERS - Whatever the season has to
offer: apple, peach, cherry - with a sweet crust

PIES - The Country Fair's blue ribbon winners:
Sweet Potato, Apple, Pecan, Cherry

Sweet, rich & smooth, just like Grandma's,

Fresh & Refreshing       


Jake's Root Beer - own label .............$2.50
Assortment of Sodas .........................$2.75
Assortment of Juices ........................ $2.50
Bottled Water ....................................$2.00
Basic Coffee Service ..........................$2.75
Premium Coffee Service .. " ............  $3.00
Fresh brewed coffee, fresh brewed
decaffeinated, hot chocolate, hot tea,
creamer, sugar & sweetener

BBQ PLATTERS - Choose from the following or create your own
Let Jake's  experienced staff turn your next event into a Texas BBQ ho-down. Our smoker "Ms. Puffs"is available to travel to your location by request


Cowboy Beans
Pinto beans with a secret blend of award-winning herbs & spices with bites of smoked brisket & sauce

Collard Greens
Fresh from the farm - slow cooked down in our blend of
herbs & smoked turkey

Cole Slaw
House special sweet & creamy country slow

Potato Salad
Red potato skins, mixed with celery, peppers, relish,
olives, mayo & mustard - yummy!

Macaroni & Cheese
The cheesiest (3 cheese slam)
                            - Cheddar

                            - Yellow Cheddar


Ms. Eva's Rice
Right from the Islands, this rice is very flavorful - either the rice & peas or the yellow veggie!

Garlic Mashed Potato
Full of Garlic

Sweet Potato Mash
Better than fancy yams & just as sweet

Fried Okra
Southern special, fresh, lightly battered &
deep fried to golden crisp.

Grilled Veggies
Whatever is in season, you can't go wrong.

Green Garden Salad
Freshly picked, your choice of dressings

Corn on the Cob--seasonal sugar corn

Sweet Potato Salad

CHICKEN - 2 Sides        $ 13.50/per person

BBQ  Chic

Chicken with our special Jake rub cooked over apple wood. Colorful, juicy &: tender!
Jamaican Jerk Chic

 Spicy smoked chicken with our Jamaican rub served with a cooling Caribbean condiment.

Choice of one side, cornbread & watermelon.

Carrot Cake - Bug's Favorite! Chock
full o'beta carotene ... sooo good!
German Chocolate
Okay, so this a southern style, German
chocolate cake, but sure to please
any chocoholic. Our own take on a
Pineapple upside-down cake
Strawberry Gran Marnier
Chocolate cake
        Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting


KID'S SPECIAL       $12.50/per person

Or do It the basic, down-home, at-home BBQ way with Hot Dogs &  Hamburgers - Note: Grilled on-site only.

Hot Dogs - Jumbo, all beef - plump &  juicy
Hamburger - 1/4 oz. 100% steak burgers
Potato Chips, Lemonade or Ice Tea, Watermelon, Cookies

Chopped BBQ/Pulled Pork     $8.50/per person
Slowly smoked. chopped, pulled and simmered
in our tangy sweet vinegar-based sauce, "North
Carolina style",

Burnt Ends    $9.50/per person
Our very tender, juicy award-winning Brisket of
Beef, slow smoked, cubed or stewed in our sweet
BBQ sauce. Can't Be Beat!

Pulled Chicken    $7.50/per person
Our smoked chicken BBQ or Jerk, pulled from the bone, simmered in our sauce, served on Bulky Roll. Outrageous!

Grilled Sliced Pork     $9.50/per person
Fresh shoulder, sliced and grilled to

Brisket              $9.50/per person
Texas beef - slow smoked for hours and hours
over apple, mesquite and oak wood. So tender,
it disappears in your mouth like candy cotton.



Boston's Award Winning BBQ RIBS

CATERING : Sandwich Platters

All sandwiches served with  choice of 1 side; cowboy beans, cole slaw or potato salad

     Catering Menu

THE BIG PIG PLATTER - 3 Meats - 3 Sides   $ 19.50 per person

Choice of Oink Ribs or Moo Ribs, choice of one cluck -BBQ or Jerk, choice of  brisket, burnt ends or chopped BBQ.
All served with two sides, cornbread &: watermelon.

RIBS - 2 Sides    $14.50 /per person

Oink - "B-B-Bad to the B-B-B-Bone". Pork that's slow smoked with apple & mesquite wood, making an award-winning lip smacker!!.

Moo - Our Texas favorites, meaty & tender, slow smoked &: full of flavor.

  Jake's Boss BBQ A BBQ Joint

                       CATERING : Dessert Menu                          

All Jake's desserts are home made

 Grilled Boneless Chicken     $8.50/per person
 Marinated in our honey mustard and herbs, grilled to perfection.

Sausage         $7.50/per person                                                                                          

Andouille - Louisiana-style with just the right
spice & complemented with your choice of
West Indies - This special Caribbean sausage
made with Scotch Bonnet peppers and is hotter
than a sun sandwich is served with a refreshing
Banana Guava ketchup condiment.
Note: All sausages are homemade.


Cold Chicken Salad   $8.50/per person
Smoked chicken mixed with sweet basil, celery,
red peppers & mayo, Lettuce/tomato by

THE COMBO PLATTER - 2 Meats - 2 Sides    $ 17.50 per person

Texas-style ribs rubbed with Jake's special dry BBQ rub &: slowly smoked. 
Choose one cluck - Jamaican-jerk chicken with banana guava ketchup or BBQ with Jake's special BBQ rub.
Served with two sides, cornbread &: watermelon.